FEBRUARY 6, 2020 4:33PM PT
Pop Princesses Jamie & Nari Should Be Everyone's #FRIENDSHIPGOALS

Despite her recent solo debut, Nari Yoon has decided to prove once and for all that you can always make time for your gal pals! This Pop Punk Princess has been seen hitting up all the hot tourist spots in London- arm in arm with the Dutchess of Dance herself, Jamie Daniels. These two can't seem to get enough ot eachother! We've discussed before how important female friendship is on this blog, so I'm sure my long time Yummies will agree that this is starting to look like a friendship for the ages!

Nari, who has been sporting platinum hair for a while now (to match her bestie's signiture look, perhaps?) has dyed her hair black while in London. Now normally this wouldn't be a topic worth touching on but in various paparazzi pictures (SOURCE) you can clearly see Jamie has dye smeared on the inside of her right arm. These girls sure are messy, but supportive of each other!

It's so vital for women to have healthy and strong bonds with one another. We've seen girl squads in Hollywood before (lest we forget Delanie's ICONIC posse!) but there's undeniably something special between these two, and this mummy thinks it's definitely something we should all try and emulate with our girl friends! You're never too old or too busy to make time for the ladies in your life and with Valentine's Day fast aproaching we should be considerate of our unattached sisters and hold them up! In my post Why Platonic Dates Should TOTALLY be a Thing, I lay out various ideas for a non-romantic night with your special lady friend!

Jamie is about to kick off the rest of her Dedication Tour and Nari no doubt has a lot of promotion work ahead, so we'll likely have to wait a while for more wholesome friendship moments from these two. Still, it's definitely heart warming they took the time to openly shower eachother with affection and give us all hope for a more loving 2020!