jamie daniels
𝓇𝓎𝓈 @bogdweller ∙ 20m Jamie Daniels's new song better be on everyone's Vday playlist or you owe me $12.                        
SAMMY @cheesetoastie123 ∙ 30m kinda funny how jamie daniels is openly clout chasing now with all her new friends. i would say shes over but you have to have a career to begin with to be cancelled lol                        
👅👅gamer girl bathwater @impossiblewhopper ∙ 30m You should check out Jamie Daniels's E MO TION! It's the gateway drug of pop music.

jaymz @trumieblumie
why is modern pop worthless trash?
Lord Glimmergaunt @pinballwizz ∙ 30m UMMM just discovered this shit and I need a party STAT??? Apparently you are trying to awaken an ancient darkness that may or may not be #queenofbeingsingle Jamie Daniels???

STREAM DEDICATED @jamiedanielsupdates ∙ 30m You guys do know Jamie Daniels has a new album out right? So sick of everyone acting like #Dedicated doesn't exist when it slaps just as hard as E•MO•TION                        
✮SLUT🎀 BUCKET✮@kanyeswaterbottle ∙ 30m oooo these jamie daniels DOTW panties are so damn cute? my birthdays comin up if anyone wants to spoil me!                        
lil chodester @dinkyhampalace ∙ 30m STOP PRETENDING YOU KNOW HER LMAO!

august @augustathell
go listen to jamie daniels's new song! it's inspired by me deleting grindr #queenofbeingsingle
brun0 @brunobitte ∙ 1h the gays when mommy jamie daniels gives them their dumb bitch juice! #queenofbeingsingle

M @monicadacard ∙ 1h LMAO the straights are at it again. Jamie Daniels out here muff diving, PLATONICALLY! #bestiegoals #justgirlythings

Mummy Lisa @partymummy
Just published my article on Jamie Daniels and Nari Yoon's adorable friendship! Read it now! yummymummyclub.com/partymumm...
MATDONNA👌 @feetpixx4sale ∙ 1h where is jamie daniels's retroactive grammy?! #queenofbeingsingle                        
ARI ELLE @nodisneyprincess ∙ 1h Low key wondering how @beatrice1991 feels seeing Jamie Daniels hoing it up all over the place then releasing a song about all the shitty men she's been throwing herself at?                        
spencer pratt's crystals @666candiedflesh ∙ 1h Jamie Daniels new lyric video is way too cute! #QueenOfBeingSingle                        
bento box @bentenfold ∙ 2h I see people making playlists out of their names and I wanna play along...
(B)oy Problems - Jamie Daniels
(E)motion - Jamie Daniels
Ru(N) Away With Me - Jamie Daniels
☠rattle snake☠ @hotnreadyy ∙ 2h i'm sorry did jamie daniels just denounce dick a week before valentine's day?

jamie🤠 @jamiedaniels
talk to you never!💖💖💖 https://youtu.be/T_O...
jes @jessie8379 ∙ 15h no oscar nom for jamie daniels' EMOTION just because it "isn't a movie" and "came out in 2015"... pathetic                        

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